14 myths about cats that it is major to quit believing

  • There are an growth of general myths and misconceptions about cats that aren’t factual.
  • Many cats definitely savor folks and cats aren’t definitely low-upkeep pets.
  • Cats don’t at all times land on their feet when they plunge.
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Even if cats are seemingly the most most in vogue pets in the arena, they are oftentimes extraordinarily misunderstood by the extra special public. Cherish every other animal, cats are complex creatures and there is more to them than what meets the leer.

Some myths about cats can also very effectively be pretty harmless however some of them can definitely be unhealthy for these creatures, as some folks will take care of the animals another way as a result of these beliefs.

Right here are about a in vogue myths about cats that factual aren’t factual.

MYTH: All cats abominate folks and they aren’t cuddly animals

Even though no longer all cats admire cuddles and consideration, there are many cats that manufacture.

INSIDER spoke to Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell” collection, cat wellness book, and New York Conditions finest-selling author, who defined that cats can also very effectively be very cuddly and they additionally most frequently require an growth of admire.

Galaxy said this fantasy is “perpetuated on fable of we are having a inspect at cats by blueprint of dog-colored glasses.” Many of us evaluate the habits of cats to the habits of dogs, which can also cause them to mediate cats aren’t cuddly creatures.

“Cats are snuggly however in their very personal blueprint. They don’t bark or articulate at you or beg for your consideration the blueprint dogs manufacture,” he defined.

MYTH: Cats are low-upkeep pets that set apart no longer require great care

Cherish a lot of pets, cats require a obvious regimen of care from their householders.

Galaxy said he additionally thinks this fantasy is so broadly believed on fable of oldsters are inclined to evaluate cats to dogs. In obvious systems, dogs can also require barely more consideration than cats however that does not imply cats don’t desire admire and care.

“They aren’t high upkeep however they manufacture personal upkeep. They factual have not got to be taken out thrice a day,” said Galaxy. He additionally said that having the mentality that cats are low-upkeep can also very effectively be unhealthy.

“One among the things I definitely personal considered as being a true shriek is I definitely personal many shoppers who mediate it is OK to exit of metropolis for about a days and trudge away their cat with an automatic feeder and a few water on fable of they’re ‘low-upkeep.’ Neatly, they aren’t,” Galaxy recommended INSIDER. “They acquire separation alarm, factual savor dogs manufacture. They crave the stability of their family existence, factual savor dogs manufacture. They factual don’t demonstrate it the blueprint dogs manufacture.”

MYTH: Cats at all times land on their feet when they plunge

Even if cats are shapely aesthetic and can oftentimes land on their feet, this in vogue fantasy is no longer at all times factual.

“Cats personal what’s called a ‘righting reflex,’ which is a built-in balancing arrangement that helps them orient themselves to land on their feet,” Dr. Jennifer Freeman, a veterinarian at PetSmart, recommended INSIDER. “As effectively as, there is a vestibular equipment inside of a cat’s ear frail for stability and orientation. This enables cats to immediate figure out which blueprint is up and rotate their head without lengthen so their bodies can apply.”

But this reflex and the special equipment aren’t at all times efficient, especially if a cat is falling from a high set of residing.

MYTH: Cats are purported to drink cow’s milk

Dr. Freeman said that even though many cats are attracted to dairy merchandise, some types of milk aren’t definitely wonderful for them to ingest.

“I especially manufacture no longer counsel cow’s milk on fable of it’ll also very effectively be wicked and cats can personal lactose intolerance and other indicators savor an upset abdomen if given too great,” she recommended INSIDER. She said must you are making an try to hydrate your cat, your finest bet is to factual give them water or wet food.

MYTH: It be at all times finest for cats to stay outside

In the event you personal a cat as a pet, you most frequently personal two alternate options — elevate them to be indoor cats by no longer allowing them to pass outside or elevate them as exterior cats, giving them the choice of going outside at any time when they’d savor.

Some folks narrate that cats, even domesticated ones, are supposed to stay in the colossal outside however Galaxy said it truly depends on the cat, noting that he in my opinion believes it is healthier if they are saved inside of.

“Chance is that they might be able to steer an incredible shorter existence if they are exterior-handiest cats,” he recommended INSIDER. “As a matter of fact, an exterior handiest cat has an life like lifespan of two to 5 years. The in vogue lifespan of an indoor handiest cat is round 14 years. That is a huge distinction.”

MYTH: Cats fully abominate water

Some cats admire to play with water.
Gabriel Quintana/Getty

Many cats are definitely desirous about water and a few even admire to play with it, especially whether it is running from a faucet. Certainly, cats factual most frequently don’t admire to be submerged in water, said Dr. Freeman.

MYTH: Cats and dogs are mortal enemies

TV presentations and flicks can also personal convinced you that cats and dogs can’t stand every other however Galaxy said that is no longer truly at all times factual. He said it is fully doable for cats and dogs to acquire alongside or at the very least tolerate every other.

“Definite, we now personal got two species and must you are talking about two different species, there is a verbal replace gap that’s sure to happen,” he defined. “That’s the reason it is our job to be ambassadors — to manufacture everything we are able to to ease that verbal replace gap between the 2 species.”

MYTH: Keeping a cat as a pet can also very effectively be unhealthy for pregnant folks

Dr. Freeman said this fantasy is incorrect however she did display that pregnant folks wishes to be cautious when coping with kitty litter and cat feces.

She said that after cleansing a cat’s litter field, pregnant folks “wishes to be cognizant of toxoplasmosis, a illness attributable to a general parasite that can also very effectively be transmitted by blueprint of exposure to contaminated cat feces.” She said a pregnant person must unexcited try to steer clear of fixing a cat’s litter field, and as an different give that duty to somebody else.

MYTH: It’s possible you’ll also’t recount a cat

Even if it appears savor cats manufacture whatever they desire at any 2nd, they might be able to definitely be knowledgeable, said Dr. Freeman.

“[Training a cat] differs from training a dog on fable of cats is no longer going to be taught from self-discipline and can shuffle some distance from any model of punishment,” she said. “I counsel short training periods with a clicker and rewarding your cat for small lessons learned. [Over time,] it is possible you’ll possibly per chance per chance also replace the clicker sound by asserting ‘pretty’ and they might be able to companion it with a reward.”

MYTH: Cats are nocturnal creatures

Even as you personal a cat, it is easy to care for shut they’re nocturnal — they at all times seem to desire your consideration must you are sleeping. But Galaxy said that is no longer definitely factual.

“If left to their very personal devices, cats are crepuscular. That is to teach, they are most unsleeping at nightfall and crack of dawn, which is perfect must you watched about the fact that, in nature, their natural prey is unsleeping at nightfall and crack of dawn, i.e. the bugs, critters, crickets, and the savor,” he defined.

MYTH: Declawing a cat in all equity harmless

Cats once in a whereas clean their very personal claws the employ of their teeth.

Declawing your cat is no longer truly precisely a harmless technique to acquire them to quit scratching your sofa — Galaxy said that the blueprint can also very effectively be pretty wicked to your pet.

“It has colossal lasting psychological and bodily implications for cats as they trudge on in existence. It is an fully needless surgical treatment,” he recommended INSIDER. He said that many countries and a few cities in the US personal already banned this apply.

If your cat’s claws are barely too animated, it is possible you’ll possibly per chance per chance also clean them in desire to eradicating them fully. In some circumstances, cats will even groom themselves by trimming their very personal claws the employ of their teeth.

MYTH: Indoor cats don’t desire as many photographs as exterior cats

Keeping your cat inside of would no longer suggest they set apart no longer need security from diseases and diseases.

“It is extreme to personal routine vaccines and dewormers for cats and kittens. One among the largest photographs for kittens up to 16 weeks is FVRCP (which stands for Pussycat Viral Rhinotracheitis/Calicivirus/Panleukopenia), which is even handed a core vaccination for all cats regardless of whether or no longer they shall be indoor handiest or indoor[and] exterior,” said Dr. Freeman.

MYTH:Indoor cats can’t truly acquire in dreadful health

It is factual that exterior cats are most frequently more inclined to contracting obvious diseases on fable of they might be able to once in a whereas assault unhealthy, contaminated prey or fight with stray cats. But that does not imply indoor cats are resistant to all diseases, said Dr. Freeman.

“Cats that essentially put indoors face diseases similar to obesity, dental illness, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer, and arthritis. Even as you manufacture advantage your cat inside of, this can advantage decrease [their risk of contracting] parasites since they received’t be preying on any small animals savor birds,” she said.

“You must unexcited routinely take your cat into your native veterinarian to acquire obvious they are in pretty effectively being,” she added.

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MYTH:Cats can discover perfectly in total darkness

Galaxy defined that cats can truly handiest discover at the hours of darkness if they’ve the slightest bit of light.

“Their eyes glean that light in and they intensify that light at the again of their leer in a membrane called tapetum,” Galaxy recommended INSIDER. He said a cat’s eyes are designed in describe to advantage them hunt prey in low-light atmospheres. “They manufacture their finest work no longer in total darkness, however shapely shut,” he added.